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Sorry for Spamming the Art Portal

2009-06-26 13:06:52 by ivorybyrd

I know that this isnt deviantart, and that i am not the only artist out there, but i do have to say I sooo appreciate the feedback i have been getting while here, and it motivates me tons to do more and work hard on what i need to fix. Please do understand I know, and completely have come to terms with that I am not an AMAZING artist, and i love critique from artists who know that it pays to be humble, and I will do what i can to return the favor for any hospitality i am shown by rating and reviewing pieces by those who do me the gratitude. I still have a lot to work on and hope to get to my goal of becoming an artist who loves their work...


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2009-06-27 09:41:48

You work is pretty good. I like your coloring technieks. The colors in your artwork give a warm feeling to it.

You should practise drawing details tough. Try live drawing it works a lot better than drawing form photo's. I've learned alot form live drawing. I wasn't any good in drawing humans for a long time. But now I can.

ivorybyrd responds:

lol actually a good 90% is drawn straight from my mind... there are only a couple pictures that are taken from photo... i try to keep things that way, and learn as i go along


2009-08-13 11:57:22

due to the fact i wasnt able to pm you beacuse im not on your list... im going to let you know here instead... feel free to delete this comment...

Art-portal activation

the art portal is current having some issues... sometimes a scouted user will be classed as unscouted even if the user is already scouted... this is a known problem and we have a way of resolving the issue... however we are trying to look for a long term fix... but for now this short term fix works...

so if you have gotten some pm's from the art-bot saying you lost your scouting... and then another one saying you have been rescouted... dont worry... we are repairing the link...

so now hopefully all your artwork is now back in the public portal for all to view... any questions let me know... Ciao